2-40 Health Practice Quiz (100 Questions)

W/up FAM!

The state exam will only be 85 questions. This quiz however is 100 questions. Set a timer and try and keep it to under 2-hours. I personally don’t care how long you take.  This is for you. 


Timing yourself helps train your internal clock for the state exam. Since this quiz is just for us… Time how long it takes for you to just read the test. It may sound silly however, you’d be surprised how many answers you’ll know like POOF!


I give you permission to answer those.

Just read EVERYTHING else.


Don’t be afraid to EXAGGERATE by using your colors, underlines, bolds & italics


  • GREEN means GO 🡨 This is your 1st choice.


  • RED means STOP 🡨 This definitely isn’t the answer.


  • Sometimes when you have NO IDEA what the answer is, you can use red to identify which option you believe it isn’t. 


  • ORANGE means maybe 🡨 These are your 1st losers, your 2nd choice.


Sometimes answers have two reds and two oranges. Whoops… Guess we’ll need to review that section. See how this works?  REMEMBER… This isn’t high school. WE are going to go over this exam together and leave no key word unturned.


Oh… I didn’t break up the topics much because, I’m trying to encourage you to read the test first.  Enough from me… GO!