Verify Before You Sell

Verify Before You Sell


  • Your CE Exam paperwork references the course ID, if you’d like to check our authorization status simply look up the course number on the DFS/OIR website.


As licensees we alone shoulder the responsibility to only represent or interact with  Authorized entities so, to help us the Department sponsores a resources called,  Verify Before You Sell”.  This resource express the financial dangers of working with un-authorized entities and urges everyone in the marketplace to take a moment to check the Authorization status of an entity – BEFORE – you establish any type of professional relationship with them.  


EVERYONE who engages in the Business of Insurance… Insurers, Agencies, Agents and even Education Providers like us must be Authorized prior to engaging in any aspect of the business of insurance so, Verify Before You Sell.  


Beyond our responsibility to properly identify the insurers and employers we represent, licensees must also, to the best of our ability ascertain the consumer’s identity and age at the time the insurance application is completed.  The Patriot Act elaborates on the importance of verifying our client’s identity.


  • We review how to verify the Authorization status of an entity later in the course.