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  • The Division of Customer Service

Helpline 1.877.693.5236


The Division of Consumer Services is a state sponsored consumer *advocate responsible for helping consumers with industry relevant questions, concerns, and conflict resolution.  The DFS understands miscommunications happen which is why Customer Service is focused on resolving complaints before they escalate.  


Unlike the Florida Attorney General’s office and the FTC which address all types of consumer related matters, the *Division of Consumer Services only handles issues which pertain to products and services regulated by the Department of Financial Services.  Customer Service Specialist are available to consumers via Helplines, Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm (EST), excluding state recognized holidays.  


Customer Service Specialists are trained to assist consumers with 26 different classifications of insurance and will broadcast relevant marketplace updates/announcements to public when the DFS deems it necessary.  


  • Keep in mind… Although the Division of Customer Service is administratively contained within the DFS, it is not a regulatory entity and Customer Service specialist are not investigators, they’re problem solvers purposed with resolving issues before they escalate.   


Typically, consumer complaints require some clarification so, Customer Service Specialist will contact a Provider, Agency, or Agent on the consumers behalf. 

Assuming you stayed within the guidelines for a proper presentation – “No Worries”, a knowledgeable mediator with a clear understanding of the rules of engagement can calm and satisfy even the most ignorant & intolerable individuals, it’s what they do.  For consumers who don’t need personal one on one assistance, the Department provides online resources and e-mail options for submitting complaints.

  • Relax… Complaints don’t automatically constitute a violation.


  • To file a complaint, consumers are only required to provide, contact information, policy information and a clear description of the issue.  


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