Identity Theft (IDT)

Identity Theft (IDT)

  • The fastest growing crime worldwide and the #1 most reported crime to the Federal Trade Commission.

Identity Theft could literally bring the victim’s life to a screeching halt.  Unfortunately, most Identity Theft Protection companies focus advertisements on protecting your financial identity and money… 


  • Have you considered the damage an impostor could do to your personal and professional reputation and how their actions could inadvertently KILL YOU?  


Statistics support the fact an identity thief is most likely NOT interested in your money.  These days, an impersonator is more likely to be an illegal alien trying to assimilate into society, someone with criminal warrants or perhaps, they’re not looking to conceal their identity but assume yours in hopes of obtaining medical treatment.  


  • If an impostor (Identity Thief) were to obtain medical treatment using your identity, the treatment facility who admitted them has every reason to believe they’re you.  


In instances of medical identity theft like this, the impostor accepts financial responsibility for the treatment they received and inadvertently triggers a modification to the victim’s permanent medical record.  To make matters worse, the treatment obtained may have required the facility to notify relevant authorities, if the matter warranted such attention.  


Impersonators often provide official looking identification consisting of the victims personally identifying information and their likeness (photo).