CE Registration

Florida Continuing Education Acknowledgement of Personal Responsibility

NOTE: Each Student Must Achieve a Grade of 70% or Better on the Final Exam
I affirm that I personally completed the entire course study material. I also affirm that I completed the
competency exam without assistance from any course material, other source material, or received outside
assistance of any kind or from any person, directly or indirectly, while taking the exam.

STUDENT’S UNDERSTANDING: That a violation of such standards shall result in the loss of course
credit and administrative sanction by the Florida Department of financial Services.
The examination may be taken without a proctor proved the student presents to the provider a sworn
affidavit certifying that the student did not consult any written materials or receive outside assistance of any
kind or from any person directly or indirectly, while take the examination.

If the student is an employee of an agency or corporate entity, the student’s supervisor or a manager or
owner of the agency or corporate entity must also sign the sworn affidavit.
If the student is a self-employed, sole proprietor or a partner or if the examination is administered online,
the sworn affidavit must be also signed by a disinterested third party. (Disinterested third Party – is
someone with no family or financial relationship to the student, or who is a licensed agent.)

Department of Financial Services Continuing Education Affidavit

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