2-40 Health Insurance Pre – Licensing Course

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Central Florida Insurance School

  • 2-40, Health Pre-Licensing Course
  • *40-Hours

Old self-study courses are dead and buried.

  • This is NOT a DOITYOURSELF Licensing COURSE!  

What CNN is to Financial News…
The Insurance School is to the Business of Insurance.

We deliver the STORIES behind Florida’s Laws and Rules. 
For instance…

  • Did you hear about the 42 Million Dollar Insurance Scheme in South Florida?  

Instead oof reading about types of violations in a text book, OUR STUDENTS can learn from a podcast series that covers violations from the Identity Thieves who opened Fake Clinics throughout Miami to the agents caught forging documents.

  • The 2-40 State Licensing Exam is going to ask you a bunch of questions about the investigative team that took these thieves down.

With *The Insurance School .com, students learn in a way that’s easy ABSORB.  When the topic calls for in-depth analysis…


Blogs, Vlogs and Incredibel introductions throughout the entire course.  Imagine learning how to Become An Insurance Agent from a Streaming Insurance News Channel.  

NO BORING text book time!

  • Live Sessions are hosted by TWO (2) Department of Financial Services Authorized Instructors.  
  • THREE ways to attend!
    1. In-Person,
    2. Virtually or
    3. Self-Study Replay.

Our  team of Student Liaisons help answer questions during live segments & host Bi-Weekly study groups. At *The Insurance School .com, Live Study Groups are ALWAYS FREE

We Want You To WIN!

To help you get ahead, our Zoom-Rooms open 30 minutes before the start of class and remain open for at least, 30 minutes after class.

  • Homework assignments are part of the course.
  • EVERY Assignment Counts toward your Pre-licensing attendance requirements.    

Looking for a Quick Crash Course OR a Fast”Wham-Bam-Cram” session… 

This class IS NOT FOR YOU!

How do you Eat an Elephant?  | One SMALL bite at a time.

Florida’s 40-Hour Health license is your elephant-sized “main course” – Pun Intended.

To help you consume all the industry info you’ll need to pass the state exam on your FIRST TRY, we’ve broken things up into SMALL manageable chunks.

To help keep you and my karma fresh and on point…

Every 50 minutes we take a quick 10-minute break to keep your brain from goinginto meltdown mode.

  • Official classroom hours are from 9 am to 12:15.
  • *Guest Speakers are scheduled throughout the course.  Often Guest Speakers host breakout sessions however, these breakouts are only available if you’ve attend the live segment. 
  • Zoom-Rooms remain open after class for you to collaborate with your licensing coaches and guest speakers.

– That’s what we call our Pre-Licensing Resources.  

Long story short… 

After you say “I-Do” to our Pre-Licensing Class, wedon’t start a new sales process to up-sell you the study aids.

  • Every one of our Licensing Strategies are delivered to you A to Z COMPLETE!

Some people learn best reading to themselves while others prefera lecture environment where they can take notes.  For others, it’s theText book (VS) Flashcards debate.  

Me… I like falling asleep to audio books which is why we’re provide you withaudio versions of the Florida Licensing Manual in addition to the text book.

Your Florida Health, Life and Variable Annuity Pre-Licensing courseIncludes,

  • New Student Orientation
  • Florida Insurance Study manual prepared by the *National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors (NAIFA)
  • Audios & Videos outlining the *NAIFA Study manual  
  • 14 LIVE Instructors Hosted Classroom Segments
  • Two (2) Instructors per class.
  • An Assigned Student Liaison & Accountability Partner
  • Unlimited Live Instructor Replays
  • 1-Year of Virtual Learning access.
  • Pre-State Exam Reviews.

IF… You’re serious about launching a career in Insurance,we’re the perfect strategic partner for you!

At the Central Florida Insurance School we’re not only interested in helpingyou become licensed.  We’re in this with you for the long haul.

Once licensed, agents are required to complete 24-hours of continuing educationevery two years.  

Today… Our Team supports the Agent recruiting, Continuing Education (CE) andAdvance Product Training needs of over 7,000 licensed insurance agents andagencies in Florida.

For more information about the BEST Insurance Education options in Florida,visit our website, DM us on social media, text or give us an old fashion phonecall.

  • www.CFLIS.com
  • Instagram @NeverHuntAlone 
  • Facebook @TheInsuranceSchool @TheTedShowLive

Before I forget… 

CONGRATULATIONS!  Not everyone has the courage to take control overtheir future.  

With our Experts on Your SIDE, you’ll NEVER HUNT ALONE.


Jason L. Perez
*Authorized Insurance Education Provider.
O: 407.415.1777